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Rose Truesdale is a Chicago-based writer, marketer, plant-based eater, and classically trained opera singer. Truesdale runs content for Home Chef, and previously managed Business Development for Owen + Alchemy, where she was first able to merge her mutual obsessions with wellness and writing, and connect with badasses across multiple industries  -- all of whom have impacted her perspective on health and happiness.

In exploring various routes to wholeness, whether through trial and error, or asking the aforementioned badasses lots of questions, Truesdale has arrived at the following self-defined purpose: girlfriend wants to know how people become their best selves. And more than anything, she'd like to foster a community of creatives who want to become their best selves by sharing and learning from one another's experiences.

Truesdale has a dual degree from Northwestern University in poetry and vocal performance, and has spent the bulk of her non-performance career in the marketing, development, and education departments at Lyric Opera of Chicago. She occasionally performs with an avant-garde opera troupe around the city, and is newly a member of a rock band called Bake Sale. (At the time this bio was written, Bake Sale had successfully completed three rehearsals.) She's also the Education and Outreach Co-Chair of the Green City Market Junior Board and a founding member of The Inside Outfit.

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