YumUniverse "Pantry to Plate" Book Launch

YumUniverse Cookbook Author Heather Crosby hired me to launch her second book -- and it was number one on Amazon's Best-Selling Cookbooks list for over a month! Pre-sales were off the charts, post-launch sales were better than expected, and Heather was able to use this book as a launchpad for several other projects. Heather's stunning cookbook, vision, and organizational skills were bar none, but my aggressive (but kind!) social media campaign didn't hurt, either. :)

Here's a video about the book. Heather and her publishing company owned some media assets like this one, and Heather continued to manage her targeted newsletters, although I sometimes stepped in with copy. Meanwhile...


I owned:

- Two Instagram/FB posts per day in the month leading up to launch day. Luckily, Heather had over 60 beautiful food and lifestyle photos to choose from. I planned out our calendar using Hootsuite.

- Six bonus recipes delivered to anyone who pre-ordered the book, which I teased on Instagram and FB.

- Assembling, managing, and motivating a group of 12 ambassadors who served as the Pantry to Plate Launch Team. These women "applied" to be ambassadors by emailing me three ideas on how to promote the book. After choosing our 12 readers, I sent out a pdf guide on how best to promote said book featuring a few recipes that were safe for sharing; images, copy, and hashtags to inspire the crew; and Pantry to Plate event ideas to spread the word. I then managed this group via Facebook and checked in daily for a month to be sure everyone was contributing. In exchange for their grassroots promotion efforts, group members were awarded a free book, access to one of Heather's online cooking schools, and our undying appreciation.

- Programming launch events all over the country, and put together a panel of female wellness entrepreneurs at a local female-owned distillery (featuring signature cocktails and female-owned plant-based snack vendors) and then interviewed said wellness entrepreneurs in this panel setting. Every panelist promoted the Pantry to Plate Panel + Party to their own networks, we sold out, Heather had an incredible book signing, and I had the most fun ever of all time (for real - this panel changed my life.)


Post-launch, I continued to promote the book and run Heather's social media platforms, which we were then able to branch out into Gluten-Free Cooking Academy and Good Food Cooking Club. Book sales continue to be excellent.

In this freelance role, I was both the creative (I wrote all social copy and planned out Heather's social calendar in addition to some photography) and the community manager -- serving to put together and manage a Launch Group of eager promoters, and organize and moderate my dream panel full of local wellness idols. The team for the project was just me and Heather plus the Launch Group and everyone involved in the events. I largely attribute my Instagram and Facebook campaign (featuring beautiful imagery, badass copy, and diligent audience engagement) with this incredible success.


Rose TruesdaleComment