Carving Out Creative Space

is sometimes rul' tough. You know? Positive distractions have been taking over my life and thoughts, of late, and I've had to remind myself that; although I love enthusiasm, it takes some effort on my part to stay in my body and keep from spazzing out all over the place. I always used to assume that the source of my creativity bubbled up over them there heady, manic banks because, just between us, I tend to use the fact that I'm very left-brained as an excuse for the majority of my crazy. I celebrate my crazy. Every day is my own personal parade for all the weird sh*t I'm into, complete with a foil paper and pine shrine to Sylvia Plath, ribbon dancers in sparkle cat costumes, and D.G. as Grand Marshall. Oh, and an inflatable Fiona Apple head with as many handlers as is necessary to keep that wild woman in this hemisphere.

The truth, though, is that while all this stuff might make me interesting to other people, I can only create from a place of calm. Call it my mind's eye, my chakra, my prana (not to be confused with pirhanna)... my vitality comes from a quiet place, and only manifests itself into an urban hippie wonderland once out of my body. I have to keep in mind that sex and drugs and rock and roll generally living my life with wild abandonment (in a totally mom-approved way...) gives me experience to ponder and draw from, but then I have to give myself time to do that pondering. And in the immortal words of Queen Bey, that doesn't make me a diva. It makes me a hustla. Nerdy white girl translation: it makes me a savvy artist and productive member of society. 

SO, all this to say, I'm going to be making near-daily appearances on this bad boy once again. I'm still writing a book (and planning a Kickstarter), but book-writing is a little lonely, you guys! I'm spoiled with this blog... I have a built in peanut gallery of soul sisters -- you all! -- that I don't have access to on paper. So thank you. And hi! I'm here!

Smooches and peaceful, prolific prana vayus to all of you! XOXO,

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