On Burning Bridges

"Burning Bridges" by   Lily Padula

"Burning Bridges" by Lily Padula

Hey there, Internet. Of late, I'm full of silent rage. Like a ninja. I know it's snuggle season and the sky is sh*tting ice fluff and everyone's excited, but I want to talk about ANGST. So.

Every wise man worth his beard will tell you not to burn your bridges. It's tough stuff, forging connections — it takes a lot of toothpicks to build a deck that will span the divide between yourself and another person; not to mention you have to keep that catwalk anchored on common ground, and engineer it so that it'll give (and give and give) in wind and rain and general chaos, but it won't break. Don't I sound like I know what I'm talking about? Metaphorically?

I have some homework this week (LYFE homework, homie), and it is this: write a letter to a person I no longer want a relationship with, explaining why I don't want a relationship. It's a letter that's been living inside of me for a long, long time, and teasing it out will dredge up all sorts of uncomfortable memories. Once it's on the page, though, I don't have to carry it with me anymore. I don't know if I'll send it... but that's the thing with burning bridges: you only need to burn down one end. If I take a flaming wrecking ball to that sh*t, the person on the other side of the split can't reach me. And if they can't reach me, they can't hurt me. What they can do, however, is suck it.

Some connections just aren't worth keeping. You all know me well enough to know that I'm pro: love and sparkle dust. I don't want to expend energy hating on anybody... but if a relationship isn't serving you, you ought to burn that mofo down. You don't have to win a public wrestling match or engage in a twitter war or storm out of your office in spiky Louboutins, shrieking "NEVER AGAIN!" as you thrust your whole self against the revolving door. Just decide to yourself: this is over. Explain to yourself: this is why it's over. Write it down if you have to. Then get to work on a new connection... because you're too valuable to align yourself with someone you don't admire. Respect yourself enough to start fresh.

That's all. You can enjoy the snow now.


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