Going and Getting

By Laura Callaghan

As with any neglected practice, writing for the first time in a long time feels foreign and uncomfortable -- like pulling on an itchy sweater. Or drinking craft beers (ack!) at an arcade bar (double ack!). But once you're in it, you want to stay there. So maybe this metaphor lacks follow through. So what? I'm rusty. And reeling from craft beers.

Yesterday, I came upon a feel-good listicle-type thingy (journalism is dead) during one of the ravenous internet crawls I only succumb to when reeling from craft beers. It quoted my main man, Voltaire, who said "perfect is the enemy of the good," and reminded us that we're never going to feel truly ready -- we'll never have the funds or the moral support or the expertise we think we need to accomplish whatever we'd like to accomplish. And we should do it anyway; perhaps badly.

I think the same part of me that will always be self-conscious has become too patient in some regards. I've been working so long on acceptance and trusting the Universe that I don't always actively do. I don't necessarily go after what I want, I just vaguely expect to be smacked in the face by my wildest desires at some point down the line. Furthermore, some of the negative things I've accepted about myself -- the things that unabashedly slow me down -- don't have to be true, i.e. I'm always broke, I don't prioritize travel, I'm very much afflicted by rabid workaholism, I'm a hopeless people pleaser. I could just change my story. I could take more time for myself and see what happens. I could go out and get what's not mine yet.

Just some Monday thoughts from a slow-moving overachiever. I'm going to go watch music videos whilst elipticaling leisurely and call it exercise now.


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