Chakra Healing, Bone Broth, Bali, and Other Hippie Magic

Homemade bone broth and matcha almond milk chai on my porch. Applause applause.

Homemade bone broth and matcha almond milk chai on my porch. Applause applause.

All the kale juice in the world won’t save you if your chakras are out of whack.

When I first started my blog (it was just as confessional, but with a more affected "hey girl, hey" 'tude that I was somehow not embarrassed by. Go baby Rose!/R.I.P., I had every intention of it being a wellness™ resource. I wrote about how to live on plants, I invented some odd and impossible to replicate recipes (heart-shaped cashew beet cake! blood orange avocado bread!), I talked about spirulina and eating disorders and boyz and feelings. I loved that silly blog.

I love this nominally less silly blog, too, but I appear to have gotten away from the body stuff -- at least on a superficial level. This is partially, I think, because I have a much deeper understanding of the supreme connectivity between the environments we create for ourselves, our thoughts and emotions, and their physical manifestations. I've also gotten away from writing about health because I've spent the past couple of years working in the wellness industry, but taking shit care of myself. And real talk: all the kale juice in the world won't save you if your chakras are out of whack.

In the past month or two, I've given myself time + space + pro guidance to start addressing some physical and emotional ailments that I've been trying to ignore for pretty much my entire life. Let me tell you, it's SUCH a relief to know that all of said ailments are connected. Knowing which chakra you need to nourish essentially means you know where to start fixing ALL of your problems. It's magic, it's science, and it's witchy as hell. 

The reason I'm sharing all of this is because it gets me really excited(!!!), and I think everyone deserves to know where to begin their own work. Even if you think chakras are bullshit, a starting point on which to focus your energy when you feel like you're getting nowhere, is an undeniably miraculous thing. 

Rather than claim expertise on any of this, I'm going to refer you to my bud (not my bud, but I think he'd like me), Deepak Chopra. Start exploring what different chakras mean, and if in reading you think, "Fffff ALL of my chakras are out of alignment. Where to begin?!", like I did, go see a holistic practitioner who can give you love and healing homework.

My own healing homework, courtesy of Claire and lots of personal research, has to do with my third chakra, the solar plexus chakra, which controls our confidence and self worth, our intuitive gut, and our actual gut -- digestion, assimilation of nutrients and the myriad skin issues that result from a dysfunctional gut. Hi. That's all my shit. Anyway, here's what I'm doing in the immediate for some sweet, sweet healing:

- No more coffee (for now): I was up to a full french press of cold-brew in the morning, and then more coffee throughout the day. As a result, my adrenals are alternately amped up and burnt out, and the lining of my small intestine is full of holes. Wheeeee! I'm drinking lots of matcha.

- No more booze (for now.): I've never been in the habit of drinking a full french press of vodka, but any amount of alcohol is hard on a perforated stomach, so I've always been greatly affected by even a drink or two.

- BONE BROTH: Once vegan, I now stock up on grass fed beef bones and make my own stock. The whole process of boiling marrow in a cauldron with veggies makes me feel like a badass medicine woman, whereas drinking powdered collagen makes me gag a little. I can get into the politics of all of this if you ask me about it, but our skin and the walls of our guts are made of gelatin and collagen, and veganism doesn't deliver those things (even though it made me much, much healthier and happier overall at a time when I was desperate for a major lifestyle change.) Anywho. All about that bone broth. 

- Fermented foods: I've been fermenting some of my own sauerkraut, which I still don't entirely trust because anyone who has ever seen me cook knows that I pretty much throw precaution to the wind in a kitchen: I don't read recipes, I make an enormous mess, etc. etc. and fermented foods can actually be dangerous if you do as I do. So because I'm afraid to eat my own sauerkraut, I purchase it; I drink kombucha, coconut kefir and rejuvelac; I take probiotics, and I start every day with a glass of water and apple cider vinegar.

- Meditation: I've been using this guide every morning and every night.

- Acupuncture: As mentioned above, I go here.


- And slowing down: Rather than burn my candle on both ends, I'm burning actual candles... and sage. I'm reflecting. I'm reading and writing. I'm yoga-ing. I'm hanging with good friends in our respective homes and pursuing all of my creative endeavors -- sometimes alone, sometimes in super supportive teams. I'm not going out every night. I'm not working 90 hours a week. And I'm not giving energy to people and situations that aren't receptive to that energy.

(Salsa dancer emoji.)

Love you. Bye.

- Rose

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