There's a Jen Sincero quote I want to embroider on a throw pillow, tattoo on my left butt cheek, etc.: "Love yourself more than your drama." Separating yourself -- your SELF: the unique hum of the cells in your marrow, the gravitational pull of your cardiac organ (that which yanks like-hearted humans into your orbit), the being you become when you start over for the first time in a long time without a boyfriend or girlfriend or career or home or assumed persona to explain your purported insides to your peers on the outside -- from your drama seems impossible. But the events of our lives don't define said lives. We do.

We're the bones of it all. The sequence of shitty, beautiful, heavy, meaningless life events are surrounding tissue. And I'm not saying those life events are not important -- everything is important. But if you're tired of telling the same story; of rehashing the same martyrific™ tales of woe, it's time to start over. People who relive their tragedy are not only tragic, they are boring.

Growing up, my mom used to tell me that there was always another last resort. We could run away and live with our crazy aunt in San Francisco! We could become prostitutes! (I promise it was funny and endearing when my mom suggested prostitution as a next-to-last resort because A. prostitution never seemed like a viable life path for me, B. the implication was that my mom would love me even if I pulled a Pretty Woman, and C. it was a joke.) But the point is this: you can always ditch your drama and start over.

Put that on a pillow. Or a butt cheek.

Rose TruesdaleComment