How to Build the Best Bowl

This isn't so much a recipe as a formula for the ultimate Rose meal: the savory bowl. In my experience, there is nothing more satisfying than a bowl full of many different kinds of stuff. Crunchy stuff. Sweet stuff. Starchy stuff. Umami stuff. The combinations are endless and guaranteed to keep you intrigued. Choose your own adventure from the list below and prepare to be bowled over. (Eye roll emoji)

Something crunchy: 
chickpeas roasted in olive oil, salt and pepper
toasted or dehydrated nuts or seeds
fried cauliflower
kale chips
socca croutons (recipe pending, but you can probably figure this one out)

raw arugula, mache, butter lettuce, romaine, spinach... you get the idea.
sautéed spinach, kale, Brussels sprouts, chard, dandelion greens... you get the idea

Something starchy:
roasted sweet potato, squash, fingerling potato, purple potato, etc.
a grain or a pseudo seed: black rice, brown rice, faro, kamut, quinoa, etc.

Something veggie:
sautéed bell peppers
sautéed portobellos
roasted broccoli

Something sweet and tart:
pomegranate arils
blood oranges

Sauce! (Or, you know, dressing):
tahini maple miso sauce
avocado basil sauce
hot sauce (I'm a hot sauce addict. My favorite is this one.)

An additional creamy thing if you're feeling it:
hummus (Chicagoans! Give this one a try!)

An additional protein (I usually skip this one because greens, seeds, chickpeas and many grains already pack a serious protein punch. But some of you are casual body builders. I get it.)
cooked shrimp
a fried egg
fried tofu

Omg now tag me in your bowl photos. If I see even one I will probably pass out.

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