The Rosie Glow Mission

Parts of today that weren't awesome (in chronological order):

- My building's water was shut off while I was mid-shower, sporting a spumescent(!) shampoo chapeau and, I sh*t you not, a goose poop-green face mask. Had to run back to the gym to rinse; trailing suds and flecks of organic Finnish peat moss paste behind me. Hot.

- Speaking of hair... loosely -- I believe I said "shampoo chapeau"... drunkenly gave myself a haircut last night. #gotbanged #notmybest

-Accidentally ruffled some feathers. I shine as resident loon, but I'm not super comfortable in the role of feather ruffler. Confrontation is for the birds... and I am terrified of birds. #birdpunz

- Got stuck in an elevator with 5 other people who seemed unconcerned...that we were STUCK. In an ELEVATOR. You all owe your lives to my button-slappin' wizardry, homies. YOU'RE WELCOME.

- Was hysterically cry-squeaked at by a normally subdued older person that I don't know very well. What to do? What to dooooo?

- Received another of several emails (gently) berating me for purportedly deviating from my wellness focus here on RG of late... Wait... what?

I admit it: back in the day, I was more apt to post recipes, "detox" accounts, vegan primers, etc. Part of the reason I appear to have strayed from that particular aspect of wellness (more on that in a mo) is that I tend to write the crap takin' up frontal lobe real estate. You know... Are cats the new boyfriends? Why can't I wear sweat pants to work? Is Sharknado for hire? (I have enemies...) I've been a mostly raw vegan for about four years so, honestly, eating my body weight in kale and homemade hemp butter every week just isn't a novelty to me anymore. And if it's second nature, I'm not thinking about it. And if I'm not thinking about it, I'm not terribly interested in writing about it. You feel me?

But the larger reason that I've potentially seemed a little more "whiskey me" than "wheatgrass me" recently is that I feel we as bloggers/blog readers/WOMEN tend to give food way too much power. Let me explain: actual food is but one facet of nourishment. Equally important means of sustenance include sleepsexintellectual stimulationexercisean alleged purposea happy homea baller support system and dreamin'. Because I have to tell you babes: for every email I get begging for more green juice and phat beets, I get two far more urgent pleas from readers who are feeling desperate to find a balance between living life to the fullest and feeling their sparkliest as often as possible. Readers who find that they're so obsessed with health nuttery that they're alienating their boyfriends. Readers who repeatedly bathe their sorrows in bourbon and cake rather than address said sorrows directly. Readers who think they're fat. Readers who think they're undateable. Readers who earnestly believe they'll be ready to confront their issues once they're perfect. I love you all so much, but that's cray. You're cray. Balance is what we're striving for... and I want to write about that balance.

I'm equally comfortable in Chaturanga Dandasana table pose and drunk dancing... on table tops. I think the world would be a much rosier place if everyone saw a therapist, but if you have fresh-baked cookies and a Girls marathon to watch, like... who needs therapy? (Dr!) Raechel of Rebel Grrl Kitchen once called me "Hannah Horvath-meets-Kris Carr" and it was literally the best compliment I've ever received. In short -- I'm a mixed bag, baby, and I want to represent that here. Maybe I'll return to my green roots and get a little better about sharing nutrition news with you. Maybe I'll get distracted by boyz. I mean, can you blame me?! Life is full of tantalizing things that might not be green and leafy. Let's taste 'em...amirite?

So new mission: let's taste 'em? Gawd. Let's just stick with "striving for balance." And let's also stick... together. Keep letting me know if anything is lacking around here and I promise to explain myself and at least consider changing my tune. I also promise to keep being frank with you all, and frankly, MY HAIRCUT IS SO BAD YOU GUYS. So bad. Who can think of kale at a time like this?!

Tell me in the comments what you want to see around these parts! Give me your thoughts on balance! Share the loveeee <3


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