Happy. Hungry. Vain.

Hello, little gremlins. Spring has (almost barely not quite) arrived; speedy and surefooted as an octogenarian marathon runner, and just as alluring in bike shorts . Though surely fecund with inspiration beneath the dusty layers of...old... this winter's been a tough nut to crack, eh?


I owe you all a legitimate confession re: why I appear to have become a fatalist as of late -- but not today. Today we're sitting in the shallow end of the baby pool where we babies are permitted to discuss three things and three things ONLY:  boyz springtime food, beauty and sunshiney doings that could put the proverbial spring back in our collective step. As such, I am hereby instituting the Happy. Hungry. Vain Series.

Happy (aforementioned sunshiney doings):

I am blessed with art. Everywhere. In the past week, I've played cultured groupie to a Swedish Gypsy Rap Band; a ballet that half-served as a reinterpretation of Edward Gorey illustrated stories, half-served as an ode to Freddy Mercury; artist in residence at Comfort Station, Renee Robbins...  and Ann Patchett. As a result, I'm inspired to channel my inner Muppets Chef/Macklemore, don my pilgrim-goth cloak, and write the next great American novel.

I've been making again. With the advent of spring, my twitchy fingers tromp my inherent sloth. Amidst the pictorially alluded to flower crowns, sketches and Barbie ™ Carcass Couture that I'm always kinda workin' on, I'm painting couple portraits of all of my friends who are marrying one another. I'm 26. There's an engagement epidemic... if you're newly infected, I can tell you right now: you're getting a charming couple characterization (oil on canvas) by Rose. OH, and I'm working on a burlesque revival piece on the women's suffrage movement with Lingerie Lyrique. Normal.  (You can see us at the {she crew} Sadie Hawkins dance on Friday!)

New friends. Blooming the world over like loamy dandelion fluff. Smooch.


Feeling rawful. If you've been reading for a while, you know that I eat very healthily and very vegan-ly... but this past winter; somewhere between "I can't feel my ears" and "All of my loungewear is crusted in cat hair.... meh," I got a little heavy handed with the oil/salt/nuts/other necessary hibernate-y evil edibles. I also succumbed to buying a LOT of meals out because... convenience and cold... so now I'm broke and craving raw food. I've been carting a liter of homemade green juice in an air tight mason jar to work every day, and pretty much exclusively feasting on raw fruits, veggies and (cooked) quinoa -- simultaneously simplifying things at the grocery store and making me feel like a rawk star. There are no Draconian regulations to my little "cleanse". I will keep it up as long as I feel like keeping it up -- but if you're cute and you want to treat me to a taco or a whiskey sour: yes. A thousand times yes.


I'm really gonna do it. I'm really gonna dye my hair lavender, and you can't stop me! (Said the tween rebel.) Like a matte platinum - lavender. Sometimes I pin about it.

Grease lightning. I mentioned this here, but oil pulling truly is everything it's cracked up to be. My teeth are dramatically whiter, which makes sense... but also, my skin is clearer. Like way clearer. My understanding is this: your mouth is an open wound/a makeout party for feculent, fecund young microbes/a fermenting orifice of scum and rot #kissme. Oil pulling cleans the surface area of your mouth (i.e. NOT your gum's crevices. You still gotta brush and floss that sh*t out, ya dig?) really effectively, so your body has time to remedy your second coming of puberty skin situation, and all of your other... situations. Swish for 20 minutes then spit it out in the garbage can. Voila. You're perfect.

Treat yo'self. I've been to two beauty events this past week, for Sephora and Sun Times Splash, and was reminded that some amount of pampering is good for the soul. I might allocate some portion of my tax refund to pedicures... and massages! And blue mascara! Anyway, we're babes. Never forget it.

Post your own Happy. Hungry. Vain list! And gimme your thoughts in the comments! More to come from me, lovebugs.


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