Keys and Coat and Shoes and Hat

Carol Roque is incredibly talented and incredibly nice and you should buy her work!

Darling friends! Another, less philosophical reason for my exhaustion: I almost always wake up at the crack of dawn ready to BRING IT, no matter how late I stayed up eating avocado tempura with my homegirl Stephanie, or admiring the work of my lil' punky homemaker roommate as she installs a homemade bistro chalkboard in our kitchen and pulls fresh raspberry muffins out of the oven at 10 p.m. like. A. Boss.

I love reading about people's daily routines. Example: I loved this website so much that I asked the Chicago-based author (and founder of One Part Plant... and veg-friendly cookie cookbook creator) to get lunch with me. The idea of itemizing all of the bits of my day a la "5:30 a.m. Awoke. Ate avocado on toast washed down with beet carrot kale juice. Consumed entire pot of coffee..." appeals to my goody-gooody note-taking core. And on some level, I've always wanted to be baller enough for someone to interview me in a "how do you get it all done?" fashion. It's nbd, Katie Couric, I just have Pulitzer prize-winning genes and naturally shiny hair. If you want to be like me, all you have to do is read Proust in a lavender bath for 20 minutes a day..."

Here's my routine:

5ish: Wake up. Begin consuming iced coffee that I prep in my French press overnight. Proceed to guzzle like a Hummer. Prepare breakfast. This morning: cinnamon vanilla oat bran with mixed berries, salted almond pecan butter, and peanut butter coconut granola. I <3 breakfast.

5:15: Write like a mofo. Sometimes I start with morning pages - just two pages to flush out all of my mental effluvia and sweeping brain trash. Sometimes I try to work on the book. Sometimes I blog. But I generally end up writing for at least an hour, which I should probably pat myself on the back for. This sh*t's some hard-earned me time.

6:30: Head to the gym. Spin or eliptical while listening to my boyfriend's new album and watching Martin Garrix music videos (or, you know, Sara Bareilles music videos... tomato tomahto) on MTV. Contemplate lifting weights... maybe pick one up even. So. Boring. Stretch my back out on an exercise ball like a weird cat-girl. Shower and beautify in the locker room - generally a terribly last minute endeavor, and I usually forget an essential or two, i.e. socks, underwear, makeup. I'm nothing if not resourceful.

8:30: Hop on a train to work. Instantly assess whether or not there's anyone cute in the subway to make eyes at. If not, I apply eyeliner or read (currently this book.) When I separate from the mole people underground and emerge into daylight, I occasionally stop for more iced coffee because I am a fiend. The walk from my subway stop is about 8 minutes.

9-5:00 or shortly thereafter: Work time. I do lots of web and email stuff for an arts organization. I'm generally very busy, but I try to make time to take a walk on my lunch break. Too often, I'll walk to the Whole Foods that's almost two miles away, grab a salad, and walk the two hours back in an hour. It makes me feel very productive... it also makes me feel very poor.

5:00 on: The world is my oyster. Tonight, I'm making fancy pizza with a bunch of broads and then going ICE SKATING. I love wholesome lady-activities!

That's it. That's my day. Anyone else into this stuff? I like recording details in theory more than in practice... I don't know how food bloggers keep a consistent log of their eats. I do know, however, that writing this stuff out makes it all sound so much lovelier and more intentional than it really is.

What's your quotidian routine? I'd love to know... like for real. Do share!


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