Truth: I am Uncomfortable with the Unknown

Untitled (Blondie) by  Daisy Patton

Untitled (Blondie) by Daisy Patton

Lately, my mantra has been "get comfortable with the unknown." This has to be my mantra because it is the opposite of how I feel on a daily basis. I repeat it to myself in yoga, when I'm upside down and panic starts to set in; when I wake up each morning to the looming fact that my job situation is lightly terrifying and my boy situation is deeply perplexing and I have no idea how any of it will pan out.  And my initial reaction is to hate not knowing. Angst glimmers in the pith of my guts. My bones are calcified frustration. I fixate on the things that aren't working and see no escape.

And then it occurs to me ... Aw! You don't know what your future holds? Every day is a grand experiment? You're forced to be young and wild and free?


How terrible for you. 

Happy Monday. I hope your week reveals beautiful truth after beautiful truth.

Rose Truesdale4 Comments