Truth: Everyone and Everything is Complicated

Artist: Irana Douer

I was just doing some casual research on prisms to add to the metaphor bank (yes, all of my Facebook ads are for prisms now - scratch that: all of my ads that aren't for scammy $50 flights to Budapest are for prisms now.), and I was drawn to the inherent poetry of refracting white light into a spectrum of colors. My text repertoire includes the phrase: “sending you white light (sparkle emoji, unicorn emoji, sparkle emoji)," an expression I picked up from my girl Sandy, used in place of "sending good vibes," "crossing my fingers," etc., etc. I like the idea of radiating something pure, but knowing that it will become kaleidoscopic and fragmented and strange when filtered through the acute angles of someone else's spirit. And accepting that. And trusting that whatever people make of your good intentions will be beautiful and wild and psychadelic af. 



Rose Truesdale3 Comments